Service Dog Laws Indiana


Indiana law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, mentally or physically disabled person or trainer to all public accommodations and common carriers. Extra charges cannot be made due to the presence of the dog, but if the dog causes damage to the premises, the dog user is liable


A guide dog trainer, while engaged in the training process of a guide dog, is entitled to access to any public accommodation


ll persons with disabilities are entitled to full and equal access, as other members of the public, to all housing accommodations offered for rent, lease, or compensation in Indiana.
A person renting, leasing, or providing real property for compensation shall not refuse to accept a person with a disability as a tenant due to the fact that the person with a disability has a guide dog that assists the person with a disability in overcoming a particular disability


Entitled to be accompanied by a guide dog, especially trained for the purpose, in any public accommodation without being required to pay an extra charge for the guide dog. However, the person is liable for any damage done to the accommodation by the dog.
As used in this section, ‘public accommodation’ means an establishment that caters or offers services, facilities, or goods to the general public

Register & Certify Your Service Dog in Indiana

The truth is that you are not legally required to register or certify a service dog in Indiana or any other state in the US. (*exception: New York City service dogs must be licensed by the city’s Department of Health). Service dogs are protected under the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. Registration and certification is possible – but completely optional – and does not convey any legal rights under the ADA or the Department of Justice.  Read more here:

Service Dog Registration & Certification in the US – The Truth 

Sam Amy Nelson

Sam Amy Nelson (she/her) is an advocate for people with disabilities and mental health.

2 thoughts on “Service Dog Laws Indiana

  1. Hello, I am trying to find out at what point my new dog is considered a service dog in the state of Indiana? He has been trained by me & can fully perform his service for my disability. Would appreciate some help with the guidelines on when he would be approved as a service dog. Thank you very much.

    1. Have you read the ADA FAQ?
      If the dog can perform a specific task for your disability, then they are your service dog.

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