Hello! Welcome to The Service Dogs. My name is Sam Amy, and I am the creator and writer of this website. I never knew that I would be writing on a website such as this, but my reasons are personal.

Some people were born with a disability, some people become disabled after an accident or event, and some people seem to slowly become disabled over a period of time. That was me; the last one. I was not disabled in the beginning of my life, but now I find myself with the perpetual realization that I’m not who I used to be, and I probably won’t be again.

I have always loved dogs, and have many great memories from my childhood of a cute and hilarious cocker spaniel and a wonderful chocolate lab who was my best friend. But when I began to become more interested in service dogs, and started reading about them, I realized that the world of service dogs can be insanely confusing, and I could not find much useful information when I did a Google search. The websites I found often had really tiny printing, or were presented as a PDF file that I could not read on my device.

It was, in a way, a kind of perfect storm which led to the creation of this website. Me not being able to return to my “day job,” me trying to search and read and learn more about service dogs and only becoming more confused and frustrated as I tried, and additionally, being a natural, serial writer.

And so, The Service Dogs was born as both an inspiration that I could help to present some of the information in a more user-friendly way, while basically giving myself a job where I am able to work from home, as this is a non-negotiable element for me right now based on factors outside my control.

Whenever I am researching for an article that I am writing about service dogs, I don’t just grab information from anywhere. I consult with trusted sources, such as government websites, human rights codes, and official legislative summaries.

It is my hope that people can come to this website and find the information they need about service dogs, emotional support dogs, therapy dogs, companion dogs, and the laws and rules that go with them. This topic is so confusing for many different reasons.

Disabilities can be visible or invisible. Service dogs may or may not be wearing a service dog vest. Many people assume that service dogs must be registered or certified, but this is not the case anywhere in Canada or the U.S. as far as I can tell.

The U.S. has a federal service dog law for public access rights, but each state may have their own laws, too. And, there are different definitions of service animal whether public access rights, air travel, or housing situations are involved. All of this can really hurt the brain, and I am inspired to simplify and to hopefully become a trusted source within the service dog world.

My heart is with all of the people living in this world with disabilities, because it was hard enough living in this world without them. And when misinformation is present on the internet, it makes it harder for people with disabilities and ruins the fragile reputation of well-behaved service animals that exist for legitimate reasons.

Us humans are so lucky to have dogs such as service dogs to help us through life. I hope you have found this website helpful. Thanks for stopping by.

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