Warning: Legit Registration For Service Dogs Isn’t a Thing!

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Registration for Service Dogs in the US

I know this may seem strange, and it’s a common misconception, but legitimate registration for service dogs in the US does not exist.

Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)Opens in a new tab. and the Department of Justice, service dogs are not required to be registered or certified. A legitimate federal registration and/or certification agency for service animals or service dogs just doesn’t exist.

You may have seen websites online that sell service dog certifications, registrations, and other service dog items. Just know that purchasing these items does not turn a dog into a service dog, and are not endorsed by the ADA or Department of Justice, and convey no legal rights.

How Do I Register my Dog as a Service Dog?

registration for service dogs

Service dogs do not need to be registered under the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), Department of Justice in the US or any other agency. No legitimate registration agency exists.

Purchasing a registration paper from an online website does not turn your dog into a service dog. In addition, businesses and other places of public accommodation are not allowed to ask people with service dogs for registration, certification, or any other documentation for public access rights.

Even for housing situations, a doctor’s letter may be required, but registration is never required. Asking someone for service dog registration as a condition of entry to a public place or housing situation would be considered discrimination.  Check out our article “Which Service Dog Registry is Legitimate?” to find out more and learn why registrations are not required.

Read more about the ADA Americans with Disabilities Act Laws here.

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