Updated Info on Royal Caribbean Cruises Ban on Emotional Support Animals

Updated Info on Royal Caribbean Cruises Ban on Emotional Support Animals

August 31, 2018

Royal Caribbean Cruises has updated its policy regarding its ban on emotional support animals.

We’ve recently changed our policy on emotional support animals onboard all our ships. Our policy now differentiates emotional support animals from service animals that are trained to perform a function for a person with a disability. We will continue to welcome service animals onboard for guests with disabilities, and will no longer have emotional support animals onboard.

As we transition into our new policy, any guest that processed a request to bring their emotional support animal on or before July 30th, 2018, will be allowed to do so for their existing cruise. We apologize for any impact this may cause, but we hope your clients understand and look forward to welcoming them onboard very soon!

On the Royal Caribbean’s website,  the following is listed for service dogs

Service dogs will be permitted to accompany a person with a disability in all public areas, including dining venues on Royal Caribbean cruise ships. While in public areas, service dogs must be on a leash, harness or other restraining device. Due to health regulations, service dogs are not permitted in pools, whirlpools or spas.

Royal Caribbean defines a service dog as “any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of a person with a disability.” Service dogs are not considered pets.

We provide 4 feet by 4 feet relief areas with cypress mulch to accommodate service dogs. Sod for sailings from the U.S. can be provided if ordered in advance and is available. Relief areas are provided on a shared basis with other service dogs onboard. Please note that Central Park on OasisSM class ships is not designated as a relief area.

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Sam Amy Nelson

Sam Amy Nelson (she/her) is an advocate for people with disabilities and mental health.

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