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service dog organizations
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Welcome to 28 Non-Profit Service Dog Organizations in the U.S .

Imagine a world full of fast changes and tough challenges. But in the midst of all that, there are special organizations that bring hope and help to people who need it. These organizations are like guiding lights: Service Dog Organizations and Organizations for Veterans.

They may have different missions, but they both share a strong commitment to making lives better. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at these amazing groups.

service dog organizations in the U.S.
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  1. Canine Companions for IndependenceWebsite
    • Location: Multiple campuses across the United States.
  2. Paws With A CauseWebsite
    • Location: Wayland, Michigan.
  3. Guide Dogs for the Blind Website
    • Locations: California (San Rafael) and Oregon (Boring).
  4. Service Dog Project Website
    • Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts.
  5. 4 Paws for AbilityWebsite
    • Location: Xenia, Ohio.
  6. Freedom Service Dogs of America Website
    • Location: Englewood, Colorado.
  7. America’s VetDogsWebsite
    • Location: Smithtown, New York.
  8. Assistance Dogs International (ADI)Website
    • ADI is an international organization with member programs around the world.
  9. The Seeing EyeWebsite
    • Location: Morristown, New Jersey.
  10. Canines for Disabled KidsWebsite
    • Location: Lewisville, Texas.
  11. Service Dogs for AmericaWebsite
    • Location: Jud, North Dakota.
  12. Canine Partners for LifeWebsite
    • Location: Cochranville, Pennsylvania.
  13. Dogs for Better LivesWebsite
    • Location: Central Point, Oregon.
  14. K9s For Warriors – Website
    • Location: Ponte Vedra, Florida.
  15. Warrior Canine ConnectionWebsite
    • Location: Boyds, Maryland.
  16. New Horizons Service DogsWebsite
    • Location: Orange City, Florida.
  17. Assistance Dog United Campaign (ADUC)Website
    • Location: Madison, Ohio.
  18. National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS) Website
    • Location: Princeton, Massachusetts.
  19. Guide Dogs of America Website
    • Location: Sylmar, California.
  20. ECAD – Educated Canines Assisting with DisabilitiesWebsite
    • Location: Torrington, Connecticut.
  21. Merlin’s KIDSWebsite
    • Location: Westtown, New York.
  22. Operation Freedom Paws Website
    • Location: San Martin, California.
  23. Susquehanna Service Dogs Website
    • Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  24. Southeastern Guide Dogs Website
    • Location: Palmetto, Florida.
  25. Canine Companions for VeteransWebsite
    • Locations: Various campuses across the United States.
  26. Retrieving FreedomWebsite
    • Locations: Waverly, Iowa, and Sedalia, Missouri
  27. Southeastern Guide Dogs Website
    • Location: Palmetto, Florida.
  28. Service Dog ProjectWebsite
    • Location: Ipswich, Massachusetts.
service dog organizations
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Veteran Service Dog Organizations

  1. K9s For Warriors: K9s For Warriors is a Florida-based organization that provides service dogs to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other service-related traumas.
  2. America’s VetDogs: America’s VetDogs, a program of the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, provides service dogs to veterans and first responders with disabilities. They offer a variety of services, including guide dogs and service dogs for those with physical and emotional challenges.
  3. Patriot Paws Service Dogs: Patriot Paws is a Texas-based organization that trains service dogs to help disabled veterans regain their independence. Their dogs assist with mobility and PTSD-related challenges.
  4. Warrior Canine Connection: This organization is dedicated to helping veterans by training service dogs. They involve veterans in the training process, providing a therapeutic experience that benefits both the veterans and the dogs.
  5. Operation Freedom Paws: Operating in California, Operation Freedom Paws pairs service dogs with veterans and individuals with disabilities. They emphasize the bond between the dog and handler in their training program.
  6. Paws for Purple Hearts: This organization operates in multiple locations and focuses on training service dogs with the help of veterans. They provide service dogs to veterans with mobility impairments and PTSD.
  7. Train a Dog – Save a Warrior (TADSAW): TADSAW is a nonprofit organization that provides service dogs to veterans and active duty military personnel with invisible disabilities like PTSD, traumatic brain injury (TBI), and more.
  8. Soldier’s Best Friend: This Arizona-based organization pairs veterans suffering from combat-related PTSD and other disabilities with service dogs, which are often rescued from local shelters.
  9. Freedom Service Dogs of America: Freedom Service Dogs of America trains and provides service dogs to veterans and other individuals with disabilities. They have a broader focus beyond veterans but still offer support to them.
  10. Companions For Heroes: While not exclusively for veterans, Companions For Heroes pairs rescued shelter dogs with veterans, first responders, and their families, providing support and companionship.
  11. Operation Delta Dog: Operating in Massachusetts, Operation Delta Dog rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be service dogs for veterans with PTSD and other challenges.
  12. New Horizons Service Dogs: Based in Florida, this organization trains service dogs for veterans with disabilities, including mobility challenges and PTSD.

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28 Non-Profit U.S. Service Dog Organizations [+ Veterans]

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