Service Dog Laws in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Service Dog Laws


What Service Dogs Can Do


Massachusetts law requires that a specially trained Assistance Dog be allowed to accompany a blind, deaf, or physically handicapped person or trainer to all public accommodations and common carriers. Extra charges cannot be made due to the presence of the dog, but if the dog causes damage to the premises, the dog user is liable. The dog user must have proper identification

Service Dog Trainers

A person accompanied by and engaged in the raising or training of a service dog, including a hearing, guide or assistance dog, shall have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as those afforded to an individual with a disability.


A hearing dog shall, for identification purposes, be fitted with a collar and leash which are of a bright color


It is unlawful to refuse to rent or lease or sell or negotiate for sale or otherwise to deny to or withhold . . . because such person is blind, or hearing impaired or has any other handicap.


Any and all accommodations, advantages, facilities and privileges of all public conveyances, public amusements and places of public accommodation, within the commonwealth, to which persons not accompanied by dogs are entitled, subject only to the conditions and limitations applicable to all persons not accompanied by dogs


Register & Certify Your Service Dog in Massachusetts

The truth is that you are not legally required to register or certify a service dog in Massachusetts or any other state in the US. Service dogs are protected under the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act. Registration and certification is possible – but completely optional – and does not convey any legal rights under the ADA or the Department of Justice. 

Service Animal Registration Not Necessary

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