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Are Service Animal Expenses Tax Deductible?

are service animals tax deductible
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Service Animal Expenses & Taxes

In the United States

Technically speaking, service dogs are not medical equipment , even though some people may refer to them as such. However, service dogs are indeed medically necessary. For this reason, they can be written off on taxes. It’s important to know that service animals are not medical equipment because they are not manufactured, produced, and/or regulated by the FDA!

Service animals and their related expenses can be itemized on taxes. It’s recommended to consult an accountant or another tax preparer to see if this may be a good option for you and your circumstances. Some folks may do a standard deduction instead because they may get a better return when compared to itemizing everything.

Keep track of any dog food and toys, training and other treats, and gear such as harnesses, leashes, collars, capes, etc., and health care and training sessions.

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