Pros and Cons of Having a Service Dog

Pros and Cons of Having a Service Dog – Let’s Dive Deep

Is a Service Dog right for you?

Pros and Cons of Having a Service Dog

Are you trying to decide whether a service dog or service animal is right for you? It is a big decision. Don’t rush it. You may be better off without one, depending on your situation.

We will discuss some pros and cons of having a service dog. In addition, we will go through some things to consider before jumping into obtaining this new family member.

Your new family member is a living, breathing medical assistance device.

Possible ‘Pros’ of having a service dog

Yes, there are pros and cons of having a Service Dog or service animal. Here are the Pro’s to consider.

  • Greater Independence
  • You’ll always have a best friend there who doesn’t judge you no matter what
  • He will motivate you to get out of bed and do things, when you don’t really feel like it
  • A real increased level of personal safety
  • The chance of having new possibilities – the dog can open up opportunities for you that you might not otherwise be able to do on your own
  • He’ll help you to keep more regular and/or consistent hours
  • He’ll get you to exercise every day, even if for a little bit
  • The dog will help you meet new people and talk to them
  • The presence of the dog can help you feel more confident and less vulnerable
  • Having the dog can give you a real sense of accomplishment
  • The dog provides company and affection


Possible ‘Cons’ of having a service dog

  • Possibly you would have no or reduced amount of alone time, as the dog would follow you or check on you at all times, even when you are taking a shower or using the washroom
  • This is a big responsibility, not a lot different from having a child
  • Service dogs cost money, initially and on an ongoing basis
  • Negative attention people will give you because of your animal
types of service dogs
  • You must remember that a dog is still a dog, and someone needs to care for him/her, no matter what condition you are in
  • Someone will always need to attend to the dog’s food, water, & regular meal times. People will need to take him/her out for a walk and a pee just like other dogs. You need to have someone who could possible take care of it if you were not able to
  • It can be very expensive to have a service dog, there are things like Vet fees, possible accidents that require emergency care, pet/animal insurance, medications/vaccines, grooming, training, dog food and equipment, this all costs money of course
  • You might find your freedom is somewhat limited. You might be unable to make some spontaneous plans without consideration for the dog
  • Emotional and time demands
  • Everything takes longer when you are taking the dog with you everywhere
  • Picking up the dog poo
  • From time to time the dog might ‘have an accident’ inside the house
  • People may ask or ‘bug’ you about having a disability since it will be very obvious
  • You may encounter challenges with access.
  • You might also find that some people are not educated about the rules


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