Helps Renters and Property Managers with Assistance Animals

If you’ve never heard of PetScreening.comOpens in a new tab., check it out. Recently it announced the release of it’s 2.0, a software update for a system that standardizes the service animal/emotional support animal review process.™ helps Property Managers, Landlords and Housing Providers manage renters’ pets and assistance animals for free while generating more opportunities for pet-related revenue. Opens in a new tab.

It helps property managers to :

  • Generate new revenue
  • Add liability protection
  • Maintain legal compliance with Fair Housing / HUD Act and guidelines
  • Improve record keeping


PetScreening is a no-charge service for housing providers and property managers in multi-family, single-family, student housing, and vacation rentals. Our service provides an easy and standardized way to hold all new applicants and renewing residents accountable to your pet policies – including your No Pet policies. In summary, we help you hold non-pet owners accountable, we screen household pets for risk, and we help validate reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals (Service/ESA/Companion/etc.)

PetScreening creates three types of comprehensive digital profiles that encompasses everyone regardless of their pet or animal ownership status.

Our No Pet Profile ensures that your non-pet owners are on the formal record acknowledging your no pet policies such as no pet sitting, no short term pet visitation from guests and more. There is zero cost ($0) to submit a No Pet Profile.

Our Pet Profile provides a FIDO Score™ for each pet application and we charge a nominal application fee to the pet owner. Our FIDO Score™ can help generate a new stream of incremental bottom-line revenue just by implementing a variable pet-fee schedule (i.e. pet rent/pet fees/pet deposits) that correlates to the FIDO Score™. Using the FIDO Score™ to set variable pet rents, pet fees and pet deposits is a very similar methodology to using a FICO credit score to determine a resident’s security deposit amount.
An Animal Profile is provided after our in-house legal review team reviews each and every assistance animal accommodation request and makes a Recommendation. We follow the FHAct guidelines during our legal review process which includes applying the test of reasonableness to each and every request. A FIDO Score™ is issued for pets only and does not apply to assistance animals. There is zero cost ($0) for submitting a reasonable accommodation request.

All three digital profiles (No Pet, Pet, and Animal Profiles) are accessible anytime and can be e-shared with field inspectors, maintenance vendors, and even your property owners. Property managers can report incidents such as damage/bites/unauthorized pets/and more. This reported behavioral data will remain with the pet/animal’s behavioral history and will be made available to future property managers. in a new tab. is also for Renters

PetScreening makes it easy for pet / animal owners to share their animal records with not only their Housing Provider, but also with pet groomers, doggy daycares, dog walkers, pet sitters, vets, pet-friendly hotels, and more.

We send you friendly reminders when vaccinations are due and when it’s time to update your pet / animal profile so you can always have your pet / animal records up to date.
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Sam Amy Nelson

Sam Amy Nelson (she/her) is an advocate for people with disabilities and mental health.

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