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Pet-Friendly Hotels in New York City & Canine FAQs NYC

Welcome to the city that never sleeps, where towering skyscrapers and vibrant neighborhoods beckon travelers from around the world. New York City, with its iconic landmarks, cultural attractions, and endless dining options, is a dream destination for many. But what if you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind on your Big Apple adventure?

Fortunately, the city that embraces diversity also welcomes your four-legged companions with open arms, thanks to its array of pet-friendly hotels. In this guide, we’ll take a look at a few of the best pet-friendly accommodations in New York City, where you and your beloved pet can experience the city’s magic together.

From posh suites with pampering amenities to cozy boutique hotels with a neighborhood vibe, New York City’s pet-friendly hotels have something for everyone. So, grab your leash, and let’s explore the pet-friendly side of the city that truly has it all.

  1. The Benjamin: Located at 125 East 50th Street, this hotel is known for being pet-friendly and offers amenities for your furry friend.
  2. Kimpton Hotel Eventi: Situated at 851 6th Avenue, this Kimpton property is well-known for its pet-friendly policies and even offers pet-friendly happy hours.
  3. The Muse Hotel: Found at 130 West 46th Street, this Kimpton hotel is also known for welcoming pets and providing pet amenities.
  4. The Roger New York: Located at 131 Madison Avenue, The Roger has been pet-friendly and provides amenities for pets.
  5. The Lexington Hotel: Situated at 511 Lexington Avenue at 48th Street, this hotel is known for accommodating pets.
  6. Loews Regency New York Hotel: Located at 540 Park Avenue, this hotel offers services for pets and even has a “Loews Loves Pets” program.
  7. The Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park: This upscale hotel at 2 West Street is known for its pet-friendly policies and excellent service for pets.
  8. The Roxy Hotel Tribeca: Situated at 2 Avenue of the Americas, this trendy hotel is known for welcoming pets and offering pet-friendly services.
  9. The Standard, High Line: Found at 848 Washington Street, this hotel allows pets and provides amenities for them.
  10. Sofitel New York: Located at 45 West 44th Street, this luxury hotel has been known to be pet-friendly.

Remember that pet policies can vary, and there may be additional fees or restrictions, so it’s crucial to contact these hotels directly to confirm their current policies, availability, and any associated charges for bringing your pet. Additionally, it’s a good idea to inquire about specific amenities and services they offer for pets during your stay.


Is the Rockefeller Center pet-friendly?

Rockefeller Center is open to the public, so pets are welcome in the public areas. To bring an animal to the Top of the Rock observation deck, it must be a licensed service animal. Service dogs are welcome in all public areas of Top of the Rock and Rockefeller Center.

How pet-friendly is New York City?

New York City is known for its growing pet-friendly culture, making it an increasingly welcoming place for pets and their owners.

  1. Abundance of Pet-Friendly Parks: NYC boasts a wealth of pet-friendly parks, including Central Park, Prospect Park, and Washington Square Park. These green spaces provide ample room for your furry friend to exercise and socialize.
  2. Pet-Friendly Accommodations: Many hotels in the city now offer pet-friendly rooms , allowing you to enjoy your stay with your pet. Additionally, Airbnb and other short-term rental options often have pet-friendly listings.
  3. Pet Services: The city is teeming with pet services, including grooming salons, pet boutiques, and doggy daycares. You’ll find everything you need to keep your pet happy and healthy.
  4. Pet-Friendly Transportation: NYC’s public transportation system is pet-friendly. Small pets in carriers are allowed on the subway, and dogs are welcome on the Staten Island Ferry and some NYC buses.
  5. Pet-Friendly Dining: Many restaurants with outdoor seating accommodate pets, so you can enjoy a meal with your four-legged companion by your side.
  6. Events and Activities: NYC offers a wide range of pet-centric events and activities, from dog-friendly yoga classes to pet parades, ensuring your pet is an active part of city life.
  7. Pet Adoption and Rescue: If you’re looking to adopt a pet, the city has numerous animal shelters and rescue organizations where you can find your new best friend.

While New York City may seem bustling and chaotic, it’s increasingly becoming a pet-friendly haven, ensuring both residents and their furry companions have a fulfilling urban experience.

Is the Standard Hotel NYC dog-friendly?

The Standard, East Village is pet-friendly. You may request a dog bowl, bed and treats upon arrival. They do have a pet waiver form that is presented at check-in.

Can I take my dog to Times Square?

Absolutely, you can bring your furry friend to Times Square in New York City! Times Square is a bustling and iconic destination, and it’s known for being quite pet-friendly. However, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you and your dog have a fantastic time while visiting this vibrant hub of entertainment.

  1. Leash Up: First and foremost, make sure your dog is on a leash at all times. This is not only for the safety of your pet but also for the comfort of other visitors.
  2. Respect the Crowds: Times Square can get incredibly crowded, especially during peak tourist hours. Be mindful of your dog’s comfort level in large crowds, and try to visit during quieter times if possible.
  3. Clean Up: Always carry poop bags with you and be responsible for cleaning up after your dog. There are trash cans throughout the area for easy disposal.
  4. Check for Restrictions: While Times Square is generally dog-friendly, it’s essential to check for any specific rules or regulations posted in the area. Some events or activities might have restrictions on pets.
  5. Mind the Noise: Times Square is famous for its bright lights and bustling atmosphere, which can be overwhelming for some dogs. Consider your dog’s temperament and sensitivity to noise before bringing them here.
  6. Water and Breaks: Bring water for your dog, especially if you plan to spend a significant amount of time in the area. It can get hot and busy, so make sure your dog stays hydrated, and take breaks as needed.
  7. Plan Ahead: If you plan to dine at a restaurant in Times Square, call ahead to check if they have outdoor seating where you can enjoy a meal with your pup. Many places do accommodate dogs in outdoor seating areas.

Remember that every dog is different, so it’s essential to know your pet’s temperament and comfort level. If you think your dog might not enjoy the hustle and bustle of Times Square, it might be better to explore some of the city’s quieter, dog-friendly parks or neighborhoods. But if your dog is social and well-behaved, a visit to Times Square can be a memorable and fun experience for both you and your furry companion.

Can dogs see the Statue of Liberty?

While dogs have remarkable vision, they do have limitations when it comes to perceiving distant objects, like the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor and is located several miles away from the nearest vantage points on the mainland.

Dogs have different visual capabilities compared to humans. They rely more on their sense of smell and hearing than their sight. Dogs have a wider field of vision than humans, spanning approximately 240 degrees, compared to our 180 degrees. However, their visual acuity for distant objects is not as sharp as that of humans. Dogs have a higher number of light-sensitive cells called rods, which enable them to see better in low-light conditions, but they have fewer cones, which are responsible for color vision and sharpness.

When it comes to seeing something as distant as the Statue of Liberty, a dog’s ability to discern details and colors at that distance would be extremely limited. The statue would appear as a distant, blurry object, likely indistinguishable from its surroundings.

In summary, while dogs have impressive visual abilities for certain tasks, such as tracking scents or detecting movement, their vision is not well-suited for perceiving distant landmarks like the Statue of Liberty. For such a task, we humans, with our higher visual acuity and color perception, have the upper hand.

Can you take dogs on the subway in NYC?

Yes, you can take dogs on the subway in New York City! The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) allows dogs to ride the subway with their owners, as long as certain rules and guidelines are followed. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Leash and Muzzle: Your dog must be on a leash and properly secured at all times while on the subway. Additionally, if your dog is large or considered potentially dangerous, it’s a good idea to have a muzzle on hand, even if your dog is well-behaved.
  2. Off-Peak Hours: While dogs are allowed on the subway throughout the day, it’s advisable to travel during off-peak hours when the subway is less crowded. This not only ensures a more comfortable ride for your dog but also minimizes potential stress for your fellow passengers.
  3. Avoid Blocking Aisles: Make sure your dog doesn’t block the subway car’s aisles or doorways. Keep your pet close to you and be mindful of the space you occupy.
  4. Clean Up After Your Dog: Accidents can happen, so be prepared to clean up after your dog if they have to relieve themselves. Carry waste bags and dispose of them properly in designated trash bins.
  5. Well-Behaved Dogs: Ensure your dog is well-behaved and not disruptive to other passengers. If your dog is overly anxious, aggressive, or excessively loud, it may be best to reconsider subway travel with them.
  6. Service Animals: Service animals, such as guide dogs are always welcome on the subway, and they do not need to be in a carrier or wear a muzzle.
  7. Be Courteous: Be considerate of your fellow passengers. Some people may have allergies or fear of dogs, so maintain a respectful distance from others when possible.

Taking your dog on the subway can be a convenient way to get around the city while spending quality time with your furry friend. Just remember to follow the rules, prioritize your dog’s comfort, and be a responsible pet owner to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone on the subway.

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