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Crash tested kennels
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Welcome to Kennels for Service Dogs

I suppose kennels for service dogs would be the same as for dogs that aren’t service dogs , but that’s just beside the point. In this article, I’m going to discuss some options for kennels, and important things to consider. One thing to consider is whether you drive or will need to place your kennel into a vehicle. Related article on our site: Car Crash Preparedness With Service Dogs.

kennels for service dogs
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Some kennels are crash tested

To keep service dogs safe when traveling in vehicles, there are several options, such as crash-tested harnesses and seatbelts for dogs. The thing about kennels is some of them have been crash tested, and some have not. So if you’re ever going to need to put your kennel into a vehicle, be sure to check out the crash tested options.

It’s not nice to think about a collision with your dog in the vehicle, but humans don’t seem to be that great at driving. If you use a kennel that isn’t crash tested, and you do end up in a collision, the kennel could harm your dog because the kennel could potentially fold.

Crash tested kennels

RuffLand Kennels

Made in the U.S., Ruffland performance kennels are a safe option. They feature:

  • Ruff FLEX Technology
  • StackRight™ Design
  • SureVent™ Tapered Wall Design
  • UpSide™ Raised Floor Interior
  • 2-Way Door
  • No Bite Grid Pattern Design
  • Rattle-Less
  • Optional tie-down attachments
  • SUV-friendly design (optional)

You asked for it, and Ruff Land™ delivers. Introducing the Ruff Land™ Backseat Rider™, a kennel configured specifically to fit on the floor behind the front seat of your pickup, with the backseat folded up or directly on your backseat. This is the perfect place for a kennel, as it allows your dog to ride inside when it’s cold outside, when you don’t want your dog subjected to frigid temps and windchills, or when you’re driving on dirt roads or in rainy weather. Like all Ruff Land™ Kennels, the Backseat Rider™ is built tough, built safe and built smart.  

RuffLand Kennels

Gunner Kennels

The Gunner kennel has a 5 Star Crash Test rating. It’s been certified by the Center For Pet Safety. It features:

I’m proud to say that GUNNER has helped keep thousands of pets safe on the road – because every detail of this crate is designed and tested in real conditions, for the invested dog owner. Man’s Best Friend deserves MAN’S BEST KENNEL®.

Gunner Kennels

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Kennels for Service Dogs [Crash Tested] Options to Consider

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