Dogs That Watch TV & Their Favorite Shows

dogs that watch TV

What Does It Mean When A Dog Watches TV?

It’s time to talk about dogs that watch TV! Dogs actually like to watch TV, just like humans.

Some dogs enjoy watching TV just because you are watching. It depends on a dog’s individual personality and the breed type.

They want to do what you’re doing and see what you see. But have you ever wondered what they see, if they see the same things as us, or what they might be thinking?

There’s a lot we know about dogs that watch TVOpens in a new tab.. Let’s dive in.

Dogs That Watch TV: What Breeds Of Dogs Watch TV?

Not every single breed likes to watch TV. Take for example, hounds. Hounds are driven by smell, so they aren’t as excited about visuals in life.

But breeds like terriers are much more interested. This is because they are generally stimulated by moving things, and that includes things moving on the TV.

Herding dogs – who are used to rounding up large piles of sheep – are much more motivated about televisions, usually. They’re very stimulated by moving things. They tend to watch TV with great smoldering intensity.

dogs that watch TV

Is It Bad If My Dog Watches TV?

It’s not bad if your dog watches TV. As long as they are getting the right amount of exercise and other healthy elements in their life, it’s totally fine.

Many dogs enjoy the television just as humans do. The TV definitely won’t harm your furbaby, so go ahead and let them indulge.

Dogs That Watch TV: Dog’s Favorite TV Channel

I’m not a dog, so I can’t say for sure what a dog’s favorite TV channel is. However, did you know that on HDTV there is a special channel just for dogs?

It’s called DogTV. What makes it unique is that is has more frames per second when compared to human channels.

The channel is also specifically colored for a dog’s sight. Dogs have the ability to process information a lot quicker than humans. So, what the dog sees on the TV is quite different from what a human sees.

Dogs That Watch TV Are Real!

Some things we know about dogs that watch TV:

  • Dogs are most attracted to dogs that are on the television
  • At first, dogs are attracted to the sound of the TV. Later, they investigate and see it
  • Televisions can be fascinating to dogs, and it’s because of the way their eyes work. Their depth perception and field of view is very different from a human’s


So, dogs really do like to watch TV, and watching TV won’t hurt them. It depends on what breed a dog is that will determine their interest in the television screen.

Hounds are not usually as interested in the television when compared to herding breeds such as terriers. Those are more motivated by moving objects.

The TV won’t hurt your furbaby, so feel free to bring them along if you’re planning to watch a Netflix, or binge watch, I won’t judge you!

Also, don’t forget there is a special channel just for dogs. Maybe try it out and see how it goes for your pooch!

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