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are service dogs allowed in hotels
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Are Service Dogs Allowed in Hotels?

Are service dogs allowed in hotels ? The short answer is, yes they are. Under the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act, people with disabilities who use service dogs must be given the same opportunities as other people when it comes to hotels. Keep reading for all the details.

Are service dogs allowed in hotels?
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Can You Take a Service Dog to a Hotel?

Most definitely, yes, you can take a service dog to a hotel 100%. According to the ADA, or Americans with Disabilities Act, Hotels are required by law to allow people with disabilities who use service dogs equal access .

This means that people with service dogs must not be restricted to “pets only” rooms. Service dogs are not pets. People with disabilities who use service dogs must be offered the same selection of hotel rooms as people without disabilities.

Can you take a service dog to a hotel?
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Working K9 “Remmi” @working.collie.remmi

Can a Hotel Ask for Proof of Service Dog?

Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) businesses and other “covered entities,” including hotels, are not permitted to require service animal certification, registration, documentation of any kind, or proof of training or licensing, as a condition of entry. In other words, No, hotels can not ask for proof of a service dog. It’s important to note that people with disabilities who use service dogs have a right to train the dog themselves.

In addition, no legitimate federal service dog registration or certification system exists. Service dogs do not need to be registered or certified. Check out our blog “Which Service Dog Registry is Legitimate?” to learn more about registrations and why they are not required. They don’t need to be professionally trained, either, although they do need to be trained.

Can a hotel ask for proof of a service dog?
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“Flirty” The Mini Service Horse

What Can a Hotel Ask About a Service Dog?

Under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) laws, staff at hotels, and other businesses, can only ask two questions to people with disabilities who are using service dogs. In addition, it’s important to note that these questions may only be asked when the reason (or need) for the service dog is not obvious.

These are:

(1) Is the dog a service animal required because of a disability?

(2) What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?

Staff is not allowed to:

  • Request or require any paperwork or documentation for the service dog
  • Require that the service dog demonstrate its task or work
  • Ask about or inquire about the nature of someone’s personal circumstances, such as their disability
what can a hotel ask about a service dog?
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Border Collie Service Dog @celestialbordercollies

Can Hotels Charge for Service Animals?

No. Hotels may not charge a fee, deposit, or surcharge to someone with a disability who is using a service dog, as a condition of entry to a hotel. This is true even if deposits are normally required for pets. Service animals are not pets.

Can hotels charge for service animals?
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American Cocker Spaniel Service Dog “Bartek” @bartek_spaniel_wspanialy

Can a Hotel Charge a Cleaning Fee for a Service Dog?

No, hotels may not charge guests a cleaning fee for cleaning hair or dander that was shed by a service dog or service animal. The only time a fee can be charged is if a service dog damages a guest room. In that case, the hotel may charge the same fee as it charges to other guests for the same or similar damages.

Can a hotel charge a cleaning fee for a service dog?
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Goldendoodle Autism Service Dog “Piper” @bri.and.piper

Can You Leave a Service Dog Alone in a Hotel room?

No. Under federal ADA laws, a service dog must be under the handler’s control at all times. This means that service dogs must not be left alone in a hotel room.

Can you leave a service dog alone in a hotel room?
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Psychiatric Service Dog “Sarge”

Marriott Hotel Service Dog Policy

Yes, Marriott Hotels accept service dogs, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). State and local service dog laws regarding service animals are also respected.

Hotel guests that will be traveling with a service dog will not be charged a pet fee. This is also known as a pet cleaning fee. Charges may be incurred if a service dog damages or soils the Hotel. Every Marriott Hotel and Resort in the United States allow service dogs. To find out if a hotel outside of the U.S. will accept service animals, you can check on their websites

On Hotel Websites:

  • Locate the ‘Hotel Details’ or ‘Property Details’ section
  • Expand the ‘Accessibility’ menu. If the hotel does accept service dogs, it will be listed in the ‘Accessible Hotel Features’ section
Mariott Hotel Service Dog Policy
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Canadian Service Dog “Everest” @katelynburelle

Can a Hotel Deny an Emotional Support Dog?

Yes, Emotional Support animals can be denied by hotels. Emotional Support Dogs are not Service Dogs. Emotional support dogs do not have the same public access rights under the ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act. Emotional support animals may still be able to stay at some hotels as a pet.

Service Dog
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Multipurpose Service Dog “Eri” @eri_servicedog

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Are Service Dogs Allowed in Hotels?

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